hoots® wings Franchise Review: Meet CEO, Sal Melilli

CEO of the fast-growing wings franchise opens up about what makes hoots wings an exciting investment opportunity

hoots wings franchise is ready to become a dominant player in the fast-growing QSR wings category.

hoots wings franchise president sal melilli

With the most innovative menu in the wings space, including many different varieties of wings such as boneless, breaded, grilled, and roasted, as well a wide variety of homemade sides, sauces, sandwiches and salads, hoots wings stands out by taking the wings category to a whole new level.

As a franchise opportunity, hoots wings is as straightforward as it gets. With a streamlined business model that emphasizes ease of operations, reduced labor costs while maximizing productivity, and high profit-potential, hoots wings is ready to help entrepreneurs thrive in a business that is built for growth.

Backed by HOA Brands, a visionary franchise company with over 35 years of experience in helping entrepreneurs excel in business, hoots wings benefit from a robust support infrastructure from day one.

To help explain why hoots wings is such a compelling business opportunity, we recently spoke to CEO Sal Melilli. In this interview, Melilli explains what makes hoots wings stand out from the competition, what is great about our menu, and why now is a good time to invest in the fast-growing wings franchise.

What is exciting about the wing’s category, for you? And what makes hoots wings a unique brand in this category?

Melilli: It’s vibrant, it’s growing, it’s popular: There are plenty of reasons! The popularity of wings has seen a surge – it’s now only second behind pizza. So we know consumers love wings, which means it is staying busy and continually growing.

But what makes us unique and significantly different is our four different styles of bone-in wings – roasted, smoked, breaded, and naked. So you have four choices before you even get to deciding on flavor profiles and sauces. It’s highly unusual in the wings market because everyone else solely focuses on sauces.

We are certainly wing-centric and that was always our plan, but the variety in our menu also makes us special. We expanded our menu options for the sake of being unparalleled in this market and therefore benefit our owner-operators. We know any business owner is looking to make good margins, so this combination and mix of things helps to improve the overall PNL. It also gives consumers a point of differentiation when they are thinking about where they want to eat.

Why is standing out in the wings category important?

Melilli: We looked at the wing category broadly across the market place and then narrowly as a fast-casual footprint and concluded there’s a tremendous amount of room for open-field running. So we set out to differentiate ourselves with the amount of wings styles and flavors, sauces, and other items on the menu. We wanted to create variety and we feel like we’ve done that.

When these things come together they generate the best possible unit-level economics for the owner-operator. From that, we can project how profitable each franchise can be, and when they can expect to reach new growth.

What’s your vision for the future of hoots wings?

Melilli: We are excited for future franchise owners because our opportunity is a relatively small footprint, easy to operate, and comparably low capital investment. There is also a lot of room for creativity since our units are highly adaptable, especially to non-traditional areas like airports, hotels, arenas, or casinos. The concepts and ideas are extremely open for entrepreneurs!

Although these are still considered early days, we truly feel like the sky’s the limit. We don’t ever count our chickens before they hatch, but I can say we have been very pleased with the performance of our recent locations. We certainly have big growth plans! We are actively looking for franchise partners who want to participate in our growth and want to reap the benefits of getting in early.

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