How Much Money Can I Make With a hoots wings?

hoots wings franchise is designed for strong unit-level economics and long-term growth

When hoots® wings QSR wings franchise was launched by HOA Brands, a global powerhouse with decades of experience in the restaurant industry, the goal was to establish a business model that was built on strong unit-level economics and long-term growth.

In that time, HOA Brands opened several corporate-owned hoots locations, which allowed them to perfect the business model. In three years, the hoots wings executive team tinkered with menu construction, kitchen layout, restaurant design, and more, all with the goal of creating a profitable business model that would allow entrepreneurs to capitalize on.

qsr wings franchise

“We’re big believers that we should be in the same business as our franchisees,” says Mark Whittle, Chief Development Officer of Hoots Franchising, LLC. “We need to feel firsthand what they’re experiencing in the marketplace. It’s one thing to be in the same business, but it’s another entirely to be in the same business as our franchisees. Our goal is to grow our brand with franchise partners, but because we’re in this business, we would never ask our franchisees to invest in something that we wouldn’t invest in ourselves.”

Our Menu is Designed to Maximize Success

The best thing about owning a hoots wings franchise is that our menu has something for everybody. Whether it’s large orders of wings to enjoy during a football game or a get-together or an individual value meal for someone on their lunch break or on their way home, hoots wings is able to do it all.

The ability to appeal to individual preferences and large groups of people at the same time is a tremendous differentiator in the QSR industry. Unlike our competitors, which only serve one style of wings, hoots wings not only offers more varieties and flavors of wings but also more options beyond wings, such as salads, sandwiches, starters and sides.

While our menu is diverse, executing it is as straightforward as it gets. We’ve engineered our menu to use few, high-quality ingredients, and we’ve designed our kitchen to keep labor costs low.

And the results of our efforts are strong unit-level economics across the board.

“We have something for everyone,” says Sal Melilli, CEO of Hoots Franchising, LLC. “Obviously, the way that the industry has changed to focus on fast service and convenience, makes hoots wings an even more relevant and compelling investment for franchisee’s today.”

The Popularity of Wings Concepts is Driven By Mobile Delivery

When it comes to the QSR industry, every brand is racing to keep up with the mobile delivery boom. hoots wings stands out for two reasons: we built mobile delivery into our business model from day one, and wings are one of the most popular foods for mobile delivery.

hoots wings has a state-of-the-art app that allows customers to order their wings to go, and we work with the majority of third-party delivery providers to make ordering from us seamless and easy for our customers. In addition, our restaurants have a designated space that allows customers and mobile food delivery drivers to pick up their orders with no waiting and no hassle.

“The on-demand economy has changed everything, and this concept is an unbelievably good fit for that,” Melilli says. “The ability to have your wings delivered right to your door at your home or office makes this concept unique for such a unique product.”

hoots wings is Ready to Grow Across the Country

After proving that hoots wings is not only a hit with customers, but also that our business model offers strong unit-level economics, we’re now franchising our concept to grow our brand across the United States.

We’re actively seeking passionate entrepreneurs to get in on the ground floor of a brand that is ready to disrupt the QSR wings category for good.

“Our goal is to have hundreds of locations open in the coming years,” Whittle says. “We’re ready to franchise with people that want to bring our unique concept to their communities and join us as we rapidly expand across the country. The potential for this brand is enormous, and for our franchise owners, the sky’s the limit.”

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