What is a hoots wings franchise?

Emerging wings franchise is poised to become a dominant brand in a wide-open category

A good wing is hard to find — until now. hoots® wings is the brand-new concept that is ready to take the QSR wings category by storm. The segment is currently owned by a single competitor who only offers one style of wings, and in today’s age, that simply doesn’t cut it. Americans want more variety, more flavors, and more choices – and with the rise of mobile delivery – more wings! hoots wings is the brand that’s going to give it to them.

hoots wings has the most diverse menu in the wings category. With five styles of wings: breaded, boneless, smoked, roasted and naked, as well as a broad range of unique, chef-inspired sauces, our wings can satisfy any craving from sweet to spicy and beyond. And we don’t stop there. Our menu has been engineered to appeal to every customer base, wing lovers, or not. We offer large, family-style orders to cater to gatherings such as Super Bowl Parties, as well as value meals for people on their lunch break.

And unlike our competitors, we offer way more than wings. Our chef-created menu offers hand made, made-to-order items such as our Sweet Heat Chicken Sandwich, our Homestyle Salad, and our Sides, including Waffle Fries, Jalapeno Bacon Mac and Cheese, as well as our unique starters, Chicken Chips and Fried Pickles. For those that want something beyond poultry, we also offer Meyer Lemon Pepper Shrimp and Buffalo Shrimp.


“The wing category is really dynamic and it’s growing fast,” says Mark Whittle, Chief Development Officer of Hoots Franchising, LLC. “Importantly, for today’s new normal, it’s the second most popular category for delivery behind pizza. When we were launching this brand, we knew we wanted to be wing-centric, and we wanted to be the best in the wing category, and we think we are. We also knew that our franchise owners needed compelling unit-level economics, and wings can be a volatile category, which is why we’ve engineered our menu to appeal to a broad demographic and diverse menu mix.”

A Simple Business Model Designed for Growth

Investing in a restaurant concept as fun as hoots wings ought to be a dynamic, community-focused business – and it is. We’ve spent the last several years proving our business model in several markets, and by focusing on keeping things simple, we have developed a model that is streamlined, efficient, and quick to scale.

Everything from our menu, the layout of our kitchen, and how we use labor to maximize productivity while keeping labor costs low, is designed to be simple and replicable. Our customers delight in having so many options on our menu, but in reality we use few, high-quality ingredients that make managing inventory, as well as daily food prep and cooking food for our customers, time and cost-efficient.

Our kitchen layout is also unique. We only use two (2) pieces of primary cooking equipment, which keep the investment low, and they are strategically placed to maximize productivity. Our crews are cross-trained to focus on getting the orders out quickly.

“This is a simple operation which is intended to reduce labor costs in a continually rising labor market,” says Mark Whittle, Chief Development Officer of Hoots Franchising, LLC, “The equipment necessary to execute our concept, even though the menu is fairly diverse, is simple. We’re able to execute our entire menu with only two pieces of equipment, which is incredibly simple, especially in comparison to concepts that require full kitchens with tons of equipment. Even compared to other QSR brands, this is a lot lower investment. It’s a strong model, and there’s a lot of advantages for entrepreneurs looking to own a dynamic business.”

Designed for Delivery

Unlike other concepts, who have had to adapt their business models to keep up with the rise of mobile delivery, hoots wings was designed for it. We have our own unique app that customers can order ahead, and we participate with major mobile delivery platforms such as UberEats and GrubHub, and we have a designated station on our counter to make picking up online orders fast and efficient.

“With the explosion of mobile delivery, we’re able to bring wings right to your door,” says Sal Melilli, CEO of Hoots Franchising, LLC. “Consumer lifestyles have changed. People can order right through their phones on our app or through other mobile delivery providers, and they can get a delivery right to their home or office. Right now, almost 80% of our product is consumed outside of the four walls of our restaurant, which really validates our commitment to being on the cutting edge of the mobile delivery boom, and being able to deliver a product directly to our customers.”

hoots wings Has the Support Infrastructure in Place to Help Franchise Owners Thrive

While hoots wings may be new, our parent, HOA Brands, is a global restaurant chain with over 35 years of experience in helping franchisees thrive. When you franchise with hoots wings, you get the full support of a franchise giant behind you.

This is how we’ll help you thrive:

  • Site-selection
  • Buildout & construction
  • Design
  • Menu construction
  • Marketing
  • Comprehensive initial training
  • Operational support
  • Food procurement support
  • Cutting edge technology
  • Business development coaching
  • And much, much more!

“We’re big believers in the franchise system,” Melilli says. “We have fully developed capabilities and resources that will help our franchisees thrive. The sky’s the limit with this concept, and we have big growth plans, and we’re looking for great franchisees to join us and participate in that growth and reap the benefits of it.”

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