3 Quick Reasons Why hoots wings Franchise is a Wise Investment

Emerging wings franchise is an industry disruptor that offers several key advantages for entrepreneurs

hoots wings is ready to disrupt the world of sameness that is the QSR wings category. As the demand for wings continues to climb alongside the mobile delivery boom, hoots wings is bringing more variety, more flavor and more choices to a nation that simply cannot get enough wings.

While hoots wings is a new concept, our concept isn’t new. We’ve spent the last several years proving the business model in multiple markets, and even more importantly, our parent company, HOA Brands, is one of the largest franchise brands in the nation. This means that our franchise owners will have access to a visionary executive team that knows exactly what it takes for entrepreneurs to thrive in the restaurant industry, as well as the robust support infrastructure that comes with an established brand.

“The wing category is really dynamic and it’s growing fast,” says Mark Whittle, Chief Development Officer of Hoots Franchising, LLC. “Importantly, for today’s new normal, it’s the second most popular category for delivery behind pizza. When we were launching this brand, we knew we wanted to be wing-centric, and we wanted to be the best in the wing category, and we think we are. We also knew that our franchise owners needed to make good margins, and wings can be a volatile category, which is why we’ve engineered our menu with other menu items: salads, sandwiches, sides, which improve P&L and create the potential for tremendous unit economics.”

Here are three quick reasons why you should franchise with hoots wings:

Low costs of ownership makes hoots wings a smart investment: hoots wings is one of the most affordable opportunities in the QSR industry, with the total estimated investment to open a new restaurant ranges from $448,500 – $1,249,500.  We also work to keep ongoing costs low by having a small footprint, low-labor model, smart kitchen layout, and our tremendous buying power keeps food costs low.

We have the most diverse menu in the QSR wings category: Our chef-inspired menu is engineered to appeal to as many people as possible. While our competitors offer only one style of wings, we offer four unique styles, as well as dozens of homemade sauces and dry rubs. And we don’t stop there. We also offer sides, salads, sandwiches, and more, which increases the profit-potential for our franchise owners, and keeps our customers excited to come back.

We’re designed for the mobile delivery boom: Unlike our competitors who are racing to keep up with mobile delivery, hoots wings has built mobile delivery into our business model from day one. Wings are one of the most in-demand foods for mobile delivery, and we’ve designed a state of the art app, as well as partnered with mobile delivery giants to ensure that ordering from us is easy and hassle-free.

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