hoots® wings Franchise Review: Q & A with Mark Whittle

Chief Development Officer explains why the rising wings franchise is a wise choice for entrepreneurs

hoots wings franchise is ready to take the QSR wings category by storm. With the most innovative menu in the wings category, as well as a streamlined business model that emphasizes simplicity and profitability, hoots Wings is a brand that’s built for growth.


hoots wings Chief Development Officer Mark Whittle

While hoots Wings is a new concept – we’re not a new franchise system. Our visionary executive team has been helping entrepreneurs thrive in business for decades. We have world-class training & support, as well as dedicated teams to help with real-estate, buildout, marketing, professional development, and more to ensure our franchise owners have all the resources they need to prosper.

To explain the advantages of the hoots Wings franchise opportunity, we recently spoke with Chief Development Officer Mark Whittle. In this interview, Whittle explains what makes hoots Wings unique in the category, the strength of the brand’s support, why now is a good time to invest, and much, much more.

What kind of void do you think this brand fills in the QSR wings category?

Whittle: We did a lot of consumer research, competitor research, and overall general research before and during the initial build of the hoots wings brand. We wanted to create the most innovative menu in the category, with five varieties of wings, dozens of homemade sauces and rubs, as well as salads, sandwiches, side items, and more. We felt like the variety in the menu itself filled a categorical void in terms of the usual food options you see at a wing’s concept. We are bringing diversity to a popularly consumed item and giving people more choices. Our concept is carving out a niche within an existing category and creating a new way to enjoy the wings experience.

Why is hoots Wings a wise investment?

Whittle: The simple answer is first, our menu. It is engineered to provide strong sales potential as well as a manageable cost of goods. It’s diverse but simple to operate and execute.

Second, our design of the store is unique because we’ve engineered it to appeal to our customers. Our stores look and feel like they’re a part of the communities they serve – and the design itself is bright, cheerful, and welcoming. It’s also designed to be built at a reasonable cost.

Third, tremendous unit-economics. Wings are a popular category in the food industry, therefore it is a huge consumer pool to draw from.

Lastly, as an upstart brand, we are owned by a larger company that allows us to have all the infrastructure in place to fully support our franchisees. We supply an executive chef, building design, construction assistance, realtor assistance, operational support, and training support. These are all things we able to offer because of our parent company that operates other established brands and has the industry experience to help entrepreneurs succeed.

How big do you think hoots Wings can get?

Whittle: The potential is enormous. We think that we can get to over 1,000 locations in the coming years – but we want to grow smart, and with the right people. We want to grow our business strategically and responsibly and expand the market efficiencies and supply chain operations. We’re actively seeking entrepreneurs who to get in on the ground floor of a concept that is poised to become a household name.

This is a particularly smart investment for entrepreneurs willing to continue growth and profit because we have witnessed delivery services grow in the last five years. When we began working on this concept, food delivery started to take off. So to compliment our intricate design, we’ve implemented a to-go pick-up area where guests can pick up their food and third-party providers have easier access. Due to our consumer panel research, we went in with a purposeful intent to make it easier for food to travel outside of our four walls. It’s a trend that has grown exponentially in the last few years. The concept is well prepared for the success of delivery and the current locations have proven that.

Why is now a good time to invest?

Whittle: hoots wings is a great concept for right now. The rise of mobile delivery, the popularity of wings, and the fact that there’s only one national player all make hoots wings a wise investment. We are excited about how our stores are performing and see a tremendous runway for growth. We have a great product, a great support team, and a great brand – all we’re missing is the right entrepreneurs to grow with.

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