hoots Chicken Wings Franchise Experienced Leadership Team Provide Unparalleled Support

Our franchise system is designed to be simple and replicable for maximized profit potential

hoots may be the new chicken wings franchise on the block, but that doesn’t mean we’re lacking in the experience department.

Far from it.

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In fact, our parent company, HOA Brands has a long track record of helping entrepreneurs excel in business, and they’re implementing their decades of operational excellence into hoots.

Our franchise opportunity is helping franchise owners through furthering education with training and support programs, along with offering an affordable, proven business model assisting entrepreneurs to thrive in business for over 35 years.

Our customers delight in having so many options on our menu, but in reality, we use few, high-quality ingredients that make franchise operations time and cost-efficient. One of the benefits of franchising with our established business practices is our ability to keep ongoing costs low through our significant buying power.

“This is a simple operation intended to reduce labor costs in a continually rising labor market,” says Mark Whittle, Chief Development Officer of hoots Franchising, LLC, “The equipment necessary to execute our concept, even though the menu is fairly diverse, is simple. We’re able to execute our entire menu with two cooking platforms, which is incredibly simple, especially in comparison to concepts that require full kitchens with tons of equipment. Even compared to other QSR brands, this is a lot lower investment. It’s a strong model, and there’s a lot of advantages for entrepreneurs looking to own a dynamic business.”

As the franchise market continues to grow, hoots wings is a definitively positive opportunity with a commitment to supporting our franchisees

With few national competitors and high demand, hoots wings is becoming a dominant player in the wing industry. We anticipate opening 17 new locations in 2021, 35 in 2022, and 50 in 2023. We are more than prepared for expansion thanks to decades of industry experience and a proven business model.

We’ve spent the last several years proving our business model in several markets, and by focusing on keeping things simple, we have developed a model that is streamlined, efficient, and quick to scale. Our business model is designed for strong unit-level economics and simple tactics to increase profit potential. We want to make sure you’re doing more than just hitting your goals – we want you to exceed them.

The same executive team that helped Hooters thrive and stay relevant in the market for decades offers access to all resources  – including site-selection, build-out, restaurant design, menu construction, marketing, initial and ongoing training, and even business development coaching. HOA Brands has helped to make hoots wings an extremely efficient business by also providing low labor costs, good margins, and affordable start-up expenses.

Our franchising system is a wise investment for any entrepreneur, whether they are looking to expand their portfolios or enter the industry as a first-time business owner.

“Our franchise owners get to take advantage of established franchise support infrastructure that is designed to help them succeed,” says Mark Whittle, Chief Development Officer of hoots Franchising, LLC. “We’ve spent the last three years proving our business model before we made the decision to franchise, and we have one of the most comprehensive training and ongoing support platforms in the entire industry. Our only goal as a brand is to help our franchise owners run and own profitable businesses, and we will work day-in and day-out to help their restaurants thrive and prosper.”

Don’t just “wing it” in business, invest in a lucrative hoots franchise

Join our team of industry experts for ongoing support and training in a growing market. If you’re ready to bring the most dynamic and innovative wings concept to your community, fill out an application on this site to learn about the hoots chicken wings franchise opportunity.

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